ProtiFi at ASMS 2021
October 31 - Nov 4 2021
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA
We’re excited to be going to ASMS this year; whether you’re attending the meeting face-to-face or virtually, we look forward to meeting with you!
The world's largest annual gathering in the field allows us to give you an insight into our latest developments in sample preparation workflows: introducing the concept of “BCA-no-more,” a parallelised alternative to classical protein quantification techniques. Join us online and on-demand for our remote poster FP 476 to learn more or stop by our booth #825 to meet with our scientists.
Remote and on-demand

#FP 476

Discover BCA-No-More: A Seamless, High Throughput Protein Quantification Directly On S-Trap Plates

Fed up with having to use precious sample to measure protein quantity? Tired of the waiting times for BCA or Bradford assays? Wishing you didn’t have to choose the lysis conditions based on compatible protein quantification reagents? Look no further than BCA-no-more; we demonstrate the new concept of direct quantification of cleaned, surface-bound protein on S-Trap 96-well plates using intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence.

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Meet us at Booth #825

Visit our booth #825. We will be ready to greet you there from Monday to Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM.