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Omics data analysis can present a significant barrier to research. The myriad of tools and approaches can lead to significant errors in data analysis due to faulty assumptions about the data or a mismatch between the complexity of the software and a user’s knowledge. To address this, ProtiFi has developed SimpliFi™ an online, browser-accessible omics analysis engine that translates data into biological meaning.


SimpliFi accepts quantified omics data and allows users of all skill levels to explore and visualize their data in interactive displays of differentially expressed pathways, GO enrichments, cellular markers, protein-protein interaction networks and molecular-level classifications. Simple URLs share web-browser accessible SimpliFi results with end users. Importantly, SimpliFi exclusively uses non-parametric statistics that correctly address both non-Gaussian distributions and the intensity dependence of omics measurements. Results produced from SimpliFi, from fold-changes to p- values, are always presented with confidence intervals to communicate to end-users the potential risks of the next experimental choices. SimpliFi runs on GPUs for rapid analytical times even for large datasets.

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