Technology / Si-Trap™
Si-Trap Tech Diagram

Si-Trap™ sample processing technology is a convenient spin column or plate designed to separate and capture multiple classes of biomolecules: proteins, transcripts, glycans, lipids and metabolites from one sample. Si-Trap™ multiomics sample processing begins with detergent-free sample dissolution at basic pH. Molecules of all class are dissolved. After neutralization and denaturation with organic solvent, proteins of the sample are captured within the derivatized Si-Trap™ pores via multiple weak-affinity interactions. The flow-through is collected and contains small molecule metabolites and lipids compatible with direct mass spectrometry analysis. Trapped proteins are further denatured, reduced, and alkylated in situ on column. As with the S-Trap™, your choice of protease can be used for digestion and then peptides are eluted. Si-Trap™ sample processing affords single-digit CV reproducibility and can be extended to lipidomics, glycomics and genomics analyses, as well as top-down proteomics.