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The Tecan Resolvex® A200 positive pressure workstations:

Smart automation of sample preparation

The Tecan A200 and ProtiFi 96-well plate S-Traps integrate seamlessly to offer an affordable, compact, benchtop sample preparation automation for proteomics. Gas-based positive pressure delivers maximum process reproducibility and uniformity across columns and plate wells to enable proteomics clean-up and digestion. The Resolvex® A200 positive pressure workstation comes preloaded with S-Traps proteomics protocols. Customized protocols can also be programmed, allowing you to develop and optimize new workflows, reduce processing times and enhance analytical performance.

The A200 has a small footprint – 37.8 cm wide x 54.2 cm deep x 60.0 cm tall – and automates liquid dispensing and flow through columns. It accurately delivers up to 11 protocol solvents including the S-Trap denaturation, washing, binding, digestion and elution buffers. Additional washes can easily be added for pernicious contaminants like extremely hydrophobic lipids. The proven Cavro® syringe pump technology accurately dispenses solvents ranging from water to hexane.

Simplicity in operation

Intuitive, logical touchscreen control offers straightforward integration into standard proteomics operations for immediate productivity from 4 to 96 samples.

Positive pressure processing

Gas-based positive pressure offers reproducibility and processing uniformity across columns and wells, with individual channel flow restriction guaranteeing robust processing of partly filled plates.

Electronic pressure processing

Pre-programmed pressure profiles have optimal flow rates to reduce processing time and enable reliable analyte recovery.