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Proteomics is the science of studying populations of proteins, the workhorses of cells. Proteins are highly dynamic and change depending on cell type, age and state of health. These state-dependent changes of protein expression yield a treasure trove of information about the current condition of an organism. Proteomics is consequently useful to a wide range of research. Examples include detection of diseases and their progression, drug response, the identity and quality of food, infection status and microbial gut health, among many other questions. Despite the huge potential of such in-depth knowledge, proteomics has been hampered by issues in sample preparation, sample reproducibility, sensitivity and data analysis. ProtiFi developed and commercialized solutions to these problems.


The S-Trap is an easy-to-use sample preparation system that brings simplicity and reproducibility to even the novice in an automatable format. The S-Trap is universal: it handles all samples from pure serum to complex samples such as food, stool, sputum or polymer-contaminated bioreactor supernatant.


Tryp-N is an engineered protease which provides simplified spectra and increases sensitivity in MRM assays.


SimpliFi is software that distills elusive data into scientific meaning; it is so intuitive and straightforward that even researchers new to proteomics can perform their omics data analysis. SimpliFi employs robust statistics that make no false assumptions to reliably return results you can trust.

Tecan A200

Tecan A200 offers an affordable, compact, benchtop sample preparation automation for proteomics to get maximum process reproducibility and uniformity. The Resolvex® A200 positive pressure workstation comes preloaded with S-Traps proteomics protocols.


PIXUL™ is the first and only truly parallel multi-sample megasonicator to give extremely reproducible homogenization. It is fast, simple, and inexpensive to operate.