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[ASMS 2024] Ever Simpler: Streamlining Proteomics with S-Trap Turbo and BCA-No-More

[ASMS 2024] New Tools for Biologics Analyses and QC: The Shredder and S-Trap Turbo MAM

[ASMS 2024] SimpliFi in a Box: Multiomics Data Analysis on Private Servers

[HUPO 2023] Higher and higher N: SimpliFi for the masses now takes masses of samples

[HUPO 2023] S-Trap Turbo: From Sample Prep to Analysis in Record Time

[HUPO 2023] Understanding all of biology with highest throughput: Si-Trap-based simultaneous multiomics sample preparation

[HUPO 2023] Kitted universal MAM: Automatable Sample Processing for all Stages of Biological Drugs

[HUPO 2023] The Shredder: A New Way to Sequence

[HUPO 2023] BCA-no-more: high throughput protein quantification directly on S-Trap plates

[ASMS 2021] Sample preparation to match analytical advances: 384-well S-Trap plates

[ASMS 2020] SimpliFi: a GPU-driven data-to-meaning analytics engine bringing omics understanding to all

[ASMS 2020] Deep, Reproducible and High-throughput FFPE Analyses: Moving Toward Large-Scale Clinical Omics Applications

[ASMS 2014] Tryp-N: a thermostable, N-terminal arginine and lysine specific protease for ≤ 1 hr digestion

[ASMS 2018] Lossless reproducible sample preparation for simultaneous metabolomics and proteomics with universal S-Trap sample processing

[HUPO 2018] Universal Sample Processing Of Multiple Sample Types For Reproducible Proteomic Sample Preparation

Si-Trap: rapid and high throughput clinical multiomics

S-Trap sample processing for rapid (≤ 1 hr) and unbiased digestion of submicrogram to milligram scales

HYPERsol: flash-frozen results from archival FFPE samples for clinical proteomics